it pains me to have to do this but I can no longer provide a active enough life style for my beautiful blue healer baylee she is 4 years old. and requires a very high activity lifestyle she loves to run Dailey swim climb mountains go camping she is a hearding dog so daily walks or runs or bike rides are a must she is great with my 2.5 year old son now having said all of this she has her quarks as well she loves to play but she protective of her owners she has never bitten any person or animal but she does growl never once acted on this tho very loyal loving dog kennel and leash / house trained she is fixed with all shots never any health issues except in the summer she gets dry skin and scratches but no health problems please if you are considering baylee for you forever home please think about this as she is a very loving dog and it pains me to have to give her up and if you live in the victoria area we would love to still be able to meet up with you for walks with our older dog once in a while as they are best friends please feel free to call or text anytime to come meet her